Free UI/UX Design Strategy Questionnaire

What is a Design Strategy?

Everyone involved must reach a consensus before the start of a UI/UX design project. First, everyone must agree on the critical topics. Then, create a basis to discuss goals, scope and plans. This is known as a Design Strategy.

A good Design Strategy has it’s values. It encourages communication in between different departments by gathering goals for everyone to see, recording any consistency or differences, allowing goals, priorities, scopes and plans to be discussed.

Secondly, it defines a good solution and list problems in detail. This is usually the first step in UI requirements, it also shows the crucial aspects of a solution.

Lastly, a Design Strategy sends positive messages to the team. As we include people’s concern and standpoint, we also appreciate and trust in previous works. This will prevent reinventing the wheel and provide maximum work efficiency.

To increase efficiency, it is best to start with existing documentation to build towards a good Design Strategy.


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