Welcome to Creativeans

We are an interdisciplinary creative company based in Singapore, Milan and Jakarta. We help businesses craft brands.

Creativeans {pronounced Cre-a-ti-veans | kriːˈeɪti:/ vi.ən/}

Definition: Noun. Humanoids, extremely creative and interdisciplinary in nature. Eat, breathe, sleep and dream brands and designs. Possess broad vision, which allows them to see the big picture. Often mistaken by earthlings as Martians or other supreme extraterrestrial creatures.

We are an interdisciplinary creative company with a strong pool of expertise and global presence. Guided by our approach and methodologies, we serve a single mission: to help businesses craft brands.

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We love what we do and our awards are recognition from the industry for producing effective and innovative creative works. It reflects our commitment to bring out the best in our work and to continue pushing the boundaries of creativity. Winning awards is important, but most importantly to us, is winning the hearts of our clients and their customers.