What Are The Principles Of Great Product Design

What separates a poor product from a great product is a set of unwavering principles that is embedded into the creation of a product. Here are 6 principles that we emphasize at Creativeans when we design a product.

1. Great product is user friendly

A product cannot be considered user friendly if it requires a lot of effort and learning. A great product simplifies itself to be usable for most users.

2. Great product is idiot-proof

A great product can be used unintelligently. It must be intuitive and give room for human errors and mistakes.

3. Great product adds value to the user’s life

A product that is novel but which does not have any usefulness is pointless. A great product must fulfil a need and a purpose to make the user’s life better.

4. Great product is delightful to use

A great product is not only great to look at but also delightful to use, such that it brings a smile to the user’s face.

5. Great product is unobtrusive

A great product integrates well within the environment it is in and seeks to complement and even supplement other products.

6. Great product is environmentally friendly

A great product does not leave damaging environmental footprint and must be able to conserve resources.

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