How to Boost Your Creativity

Joseph Pearce once said, “To live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong.” Creativity can scare some people because it is seemingly much more simple and safe to never think outside of the box, and never move in the opposite direction of convention. Without creativity, though, amazing products, technologies and experiences that we take for granted in our everyday life would not have existed. The opportunity to be creative approaches us every day, and in every shape and form.

Whether you are searching for new and inspirational ideas for a kitchen remodel, innovative proposals at work, or the branding of your business, creativity plays a very large role throughout the process. At times, creativity can come as naturally as breathing to some people. For others, they can struggle a great deal generating a unique plan or idea. So, how do we boost our creative juices and maximize them to their greatest potential?

Let’s take a look at these 5 ideas on how to accomplish a greater creative mindset for your employees, friends, or yourself:

Take a Walk

With the fast past society in which we live, we are constantly being forced and fed the idea to be on the move 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In some instances, this is okay. Sometimes in life you need to move quickly to get things done. However, to fully harness your creative potential it is vital to stop and enjoy the world around you. Taking the time to go on a walk can help you accomplish this. Look at things you don’t normally take the time to enjoy. This walk does not need to be focused on physical exercise, but rather the mental exercise your mind needs to rest and rejuvenate itself.

What Do You Love?

What are some of the things in this world that you simply adore? Write them down. Make a list. You have to start your creativity some place, so why not start it with the ideas of things that you are already sincerely passionate about? You will be surprised at how many activities, things, and people you may come up with!

Adequate Sleep

This is a simple one. Your brain needs rest to perform at its top potential. By starving it of this you are only hurting yourself and therefore diminishing your work. Creativity thrives on adequate, restful sleep.

Think about Others

Distancing yourself from your ideas would in fact boost your creativity. Research has shown that when we think about the situations others are in, we tend to let loose more, and are able to widen our perspective to generate ideas that are more abstract, and thus more creative. So start imagining how your idea would benefit someone else.

Be Still

Simply put, the human race is hungry for action, noise, and movement. We are always yearning to be in the centre of it all. Sometimes the most inspiring moments come from simply doing the opposite and going against the flow. Just being still. This generates a calmness inside of us that brings out creativeness we did not know existed within. So, how can we do this? Turn everything off. Your television, your radio, your mobile phone, your car. Just listen to the surrounding noises and be alone with your thoughts. You may be surprised at what ideas come to light by implementing this simple idea of shutting the world out for a moment of time.

A creative mindset can be accomplished by anyone who has the desire to achieve it. Some people may come by it naturally, and others need to learn how to harness it before they can implement it. And that’s okay. Take these steps and weave them into your daily life to start thinking more creatively.


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