Home for the Healthier Tribe

Rebranding Fitness in Brunei

TKO is the premium boxercise, fitness, and wellness center that offers an exclusive experience for their tribe of health enthusiasts in Brunei. TKO raises the bar in the fitness and health arena, by constantly pushing boundaries with their innovative and unique products and services, leaving customers with a memorable and lasting impression of the brand.

Brand Identity

Modern cool, dark blue symbolises the raw and intense energy of gym training. Tasteful introductions of copper, in the form of metals or hot stamp finishings, represents a modern industrial look, which complements the dark tones. The secondary palette of brown and warm grey supports the notion of grit and curated exclusivity. Luxurious leather and metal meets raw brick, concrete and wood, forming a harmonious yet feisty combination of unique textures for a sense of distinctive character, grunginess and rawness. The primary typeface for TKO is a strategic pairing between tough and raw Scriber and understated, streamlined Agency FB. An approachable yet professional Roboto is the secondary typeface of TKO. This is to ensure optimised legibility throughout the brand’s communication channels.


As a symbolic and experiential brand, we developed a range of touchpoints that delivers a luxurious and exclusive experience to TKO’s tribe of health enthusiasts. This includes corporate stationery, physical and digital marketing collaterals, uniforms, a website, service menus, and signages, as well as TKO’s space experience, all of which create a seamless experience that differentiates TKO from their competitors.

Interior images credit to @TKOfitness_bn

"As the first and only premium boxing gym in Brunei, TKO’s iconic brand, services, and interior design provide customers a memorable and stimulating gym experience."

Kimming Yap, Managing Director, Creativeans