We're Happy when it's Tidy

Rebranding Waste Management

Since 1984, Tidy has been helping its customers tidy up their commercial and residential premises through its waste management services. Tidy is one of the leading waste recycling companies with a variety of services including renovation waste disposal geared towards helping us to get rid of waste to maximize space and enhance overall productivity. Tasked with a complete rebranding of Tidy, we conducted a comprehensive brand audit to reposition them for the new generation of consumers and market demands. We developed a brand identity that visually expresses its positioning, values and personality clearly and impactfully to both external and internal stakeholders.

Brand Identity

Tidy’s brand concept captures their joy in helping and solving problems. Tidy's primary colour is derived from the colour of the logo­—a bright orange that captures Tidy’s steadfast attitude, as well as conveying Tidy’s reliability, speed, and flexibility in delivering its services. To retain consumers familiarity and attachment to Tidy’s originally grey bins, the secondary colour is a darker shade of grey. It contrasts well with the primary colour, as it helps to enhance the overall appearance of the brand, allowing Tidy a prominent look distinctive from the crowd. The Typography Style is the way in which type is arranged to make text content readable and appealing. This involves typeface selection, point size, line spacing, letter spacing as well as kerning. The Graphic Style of a brand is a set of graphic elements used to facilitate brand recognition and establish a strong brand identity.


Tidy encapsulates a genuine attitude by being transparent, providing flexible services to the customers. Thus, a seamless experience across a myriad of physical and digital touch points from corporate stationery, website, app, social media, bins, marketing collateral to videos are created to communicate Tidy’s qualities and deliver a memorable customer experience.

"At the end of the Branding exercise, we have a clear brand position and an impactful brand identity that can communicate Tidy’s values effectively. We were also provided our very own Brand Guide; the Brand Guide was well written and provided clear actionable tools that my team and I can implement easily."

Vincent Wang, Director, Tidy Maintenance & Engineering Pte. Ltd.