Leading Responsibly

Global Rebrand

InfraCo Asia is a commercially managed infrastructure development and investment company of the Private Infrastructure Development Group (PIDG). It funds high-risk infrastructure development activities in South and South East Asia by taking an equity stake with a focus on socially responsible and commercially viable infrastructure projects. We developed InfraCo Asia’s new brand identity, touch points and worked with them to implement the entire brand roll out. The logo positions the organisation, InfraCo Asia as one that is focused on world matters, with Asia at it’s core. The globe is incorporated into the “Co” of InfraCo Asia to highlight the brand values of the company.

Localised Brand Elements

The brand identity system organises InfraCo Asia’s projects according to country where each country is represented by a distinctive icon with a strong reference to its culture and heritage. These icons are designed to be easily implemented across touchpoints.


Touch points from corporate stationery, physical and digital marketing collateral to website are designed in congruent to the new brand identity to maintain a consistent message and brand experience across the countries and customers they serve. The website is developed to be experiential, informative and responsive to serve as a first point-of-touch for both investors, customers and employees.

“It was always important to us to work with a local Singaporean company, and Creativeans combine international design expertise with regional knowledge and affordability. Their small team have provided an attentive service you perhaps wouldn’t find with a larger company.”

Allard Nooy, CEO, InfraCo Asia