Grill Without Borders

A New Restaurant Concept

Meet Chachako, a free-spirited and adventurous chef who scours the world to bring home the most glorious grills and fares from all corners. We were tasked to create the brand concept for this new grill restaurant located in Jurong Point, Singapore. We conceptualised the brand name, identity, and touchpoints to express the values, personality, and flavours of the restaurant. A comprehensive brand guide is also produced to provide guidance in communicating the Chachako brand accurately and consistently across its outlets.


To visually represent grilling without borders, we mixed both careful and spontaneous elements. Chachako brand is portrayed as both experimental and adventurous with free forms. At the same time, the clean and structured forms represents Chachako being bold and unique. The colour palette represents a contrasting range of cool and warm colours that are bold and bright, depicting the boldness of the brand, while the typography expresses a fresh, quirky look packed with personality using the font type Source Sans Pro, which has a distinctive lettering tail, expressing modernity and the boldness to be different. The imagery is curated with a touch of cosiness and comfort from home, portraying a dining scene at home.


The various brand touchpoints includes the food menu, various food packaging—such as takeaway kraft bags, cup sleeve, paper bag—uniform and apron, as well as a set of corporate stationery.

"A westie all my life, I’ve fought hard over the East versus West battle. New and interesting food spots like Chachako get me buzzing with excitement all the time. This grillroom at Jurong Point is a cut above the rest, fusing Western cooking techniques with a melange of intense Asian flavours to whip up good food at nett prices."

Review by Eatbook