Creativeans {pronounced Cre-a-ti-veans | kriːˈeɪti:/ vi.ən/}

Branding Agency Singapore

Established in 2012, Creativeans is an interdisciplinary branding and design consultancy with offices in Singapore, Milan and Jakarta. We build brands that matter.

Business leaders trust us to solve their strategic and creative challenges: from brandingproduct design, UI/UX designpackaging design to communication design, across industries and regions. Guided by our systematic approach and methodologies such as BrandBuilder® and BrandIntel™, we work with mid size companies, institutions and seasoned entrepreneurs to create enduring brands.

As the only ISO 9001:2015 and management certified creative consultancy in Singapore, we are committed to continuously improve and excel in our creative offerings to drive transformation for businesses, society, and the world.

Our Business Model

We’ve developed a business model that enables us to work with a wide variety of clients & partners on a diverse set of engagements.

Collaborative Engagement

We help businesses craft brands through project-based and retainer collaborations. Through our interdisciplinary approach, we ensure that the work we do can be effectively incubated and activated for our clients.

Strategic Partnership

Ground-up brand building and design development with smaller and early stage companies, we develop true partnerships with entrepreneurs where cash fees are reduced and a royalty/equity arrangement is put in place.

Creative Incubation

We design and conduct programmes to equip organisations with the knowledge and tools to grow their in-house creative strength. From our best creative minds, we teach our methodologies to the wider community.

Our Esteemed Clients


“Creativeans is moving closer toward its goal of establishing Singapore as an emerging creative hotbed, encouraging exchanges between international consumers and Singaporean designers.” – Surface Asia Mag


  • Promising SME 500, Top Business Luminary, 2016
  • Promising SME 500, Top Business Luminary, 2014
  • President’s Design Award, Designer of the Year, Nominee, 2014
  • President’s Design Award, Design of the Year, Nominee, 2014
  • SaloneSatellite Award, Pod, Special Mention, 2014
  • TIFF, Tubily, Shortlisted, 2014
  • TIFF, Layang Layang, Shortlisted, 2014
  • Furniture Design Award, Tei, Shortlisted, 2012
  • SaloneSatellite Award, Adapt, Shortlisted, 2011

  • Furniture Design Award, Sprout, Merit Award, 2011
  • Fujitsu Design Award, Mochitsu, Shortlisted, 2011
  • Tivoli Audio Design Challenge, Imagine, Winner (Singapore), 2010
  • Seoul International Design Competition, Monky, Shortlisted, 2010
  • Un Designer Per Le Imprese, Lugum, Special Mention, 2010
  • Sound Innovation Competition, Mini, 1st Prize, 2009
  • Furniture Design Award, Sqoosh, Shortlisted, 2007
  • Express IT! iN2015 Competition, System Doc, Merit, 2006
  • Young Asian Designers Award, Makan,Shortlisted, 2006


  • SaloneSatellite, The Missing Dining Table, 2016
  • Singapore Design Week, Bringing Brands to Life, 2016
  • SingaPlural, Design Larger than Life, 2015
  • IFFS, Singapore Design Pavilion, 2015
  • IFFS, Young Guns, 2014
  • SingaPlural, Spectrum Installation, 2014
  • SingaPlural, POP! Installation, 2014
  • SingaPlural, The Periodic Table, 2014
  • 100% Design Singapore, 100% Material Workshop, 2013
  • Esplanade, Stories of Design, 2013
  • Esplanade, Flipside 2013
  • Salone del Mobile, Singapore Lah!, 2013

  • SingaPlural, Design Larger Than Life, 2013
  • Zero Design Festival, Charity Auction, 2013
  • Home & Decor Fair, Kopitiamo, 2012
  • Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris, Generation Design, 2012
  • MAAD, Red Dot Museum, Guest Exhibitor, 2012
  • SaloneSatellite, Treasures of the Little Red Dot, 2012
  • SingaPlural, Design Larger Than Life, 2012
  • SingaPlural, 30 Chairs Lifestories, 2012
  • Tent London, Treasures of the Little Red Dot, 2011
  • SaloneSatellite, Treasures of the Little Red Dot, 2011
  • Triennale Design Museum, Un Designer Per Le Imprese, 2010
  • Salone del Mobile, Un Designer Per Le Imprese, 2010


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