Shepherd Boy on Buffalo

Rebranding Chinese Tea

Pek Sin Choon, established in 1925, is one of the oldest tea merchants in Singapore and the "Shepherd Boy on Buffalo" trademark has been its symbol of quality Chinese tea since then. It is also one of the few in Singapore which blended their own tea leaves using the traditional style. The shop went through a stage of revamping after its shift from Teochew Street to the current location, Mosque Street. However, many of the traditions which formed part of the company's culture were retained. These include the traditional paper wrapped packaging for many of its signature tea-blends.


Combining nostalgic elements with a modern design, we developed a series of brand mascots that speaks of the Chinese tea brand's rich legacy and roots. The concept focuses on the peculiar graphic elements of Pek Sin Choon brand (illustrated characters) and its symbolic components (heritage, know-how, history), translating them into a cohesive visual able to appeal buyers and consumers that look for an authentic and genuine approach to the Chinese tea culture. This way, we allow the brand to spread the legacy of Chinese tea making without losing its heritage in the contemporary world.


The Heritage Portable Tea Brewing Set focuses on the symbolic and experiential component of Pek Sin Choon brand and simplifies the process of preparing Chinese tea, making the experience straightforward and trouble-free. We also designed an instruction manual within the box with step-by-step instructions, on how to use the product. Pek Sin Choon’s product brochure, point of sales display and vehicle decal are also redesigned to reflect the new identity. The Heritage Portable Tea Brewing Set is also the recipient of multiple awards, including the Singapore Packaging Star Awards 2019 (SPSA 2019) and the Gold Prize for ASEAN-Korea Excellent Design Award 2020.


林方伟, Lian He Zao Bao