Maximum Happiness, Minus The Guilt

Redesigning Ice Cream

Callery’s Low-Calorie Ice Cream was born from a clear objective – to bring healthier desserts without compromising on taste and enjoyment. Healthy foods, especially desserts, have always had a reputation for tasting bad. Callery’s Ice-Cream, one of the World’s first Premium Reduced-Calorie Ice-cream was created to bring out the best of both worlds - Opulent Taste, Minimal Calories. By combining food science and safety with culinary arts, Callery's bring the world a truly unique gourmet product.

Logo Design

Inspired by the universal feeling of carefree enjoyment and joyful indulgence, we designed Callery’s logotype to exude a sense of rich expression and optimism. The handwritten strokes bring about a sense of dedicated understanding and personalised care for what most consumers are concerned about when indulging in ice cream. The play on thick to thin strokes and organic loops within the form reflects the creamy and rich textures of the product while the stylised smiley adds personality and recognition to the brand. The optimistic expression as the face enjoys scoop after scoop of ice cream reflects the joy and guilt-free enjoyment of Callery’s.


Callery’s packaging designs feature high-quality close up of its ice cream flavours. These imagery, coupled with distinctively coloured labelling help consumers easily identify between flavours and recognise the brand on the market shelf. Simple, clear and concise, the strong imagery style, typography and graphics facilitate easy understanding of the product values, reinforcing its transparency and honesty in what the Callery’s brand offers.

"This Singaporean low calorie ice cream tastes just as good as regular ice cream."

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