Surfaces Worth Admiring

Surface Design Company

Established in 1975 as Seng Lee, Admira is an experienced and trustworthy surface design company with its long history serving the changing needs and demands of the furniture and interior design industry. The company extends a comprehensive range of laminate products, providing long-lasting reliability and style to brand-conscious designers who need creative stimulation and one-stop solution services. The new brand concept shifts Admira from a primarily functional brand to an Experiential-Relational brand, that emphasises on helping interior designers excel through their offerings in a genuine and interpersonal manner.

Brand Identity

Admira’s colour palette is a perfect blend of masculinity and femininity. Inspired by natural material, the palette communicates the brand’s sophistication and grounded personality. A significant emphasis on clean seamless interior line-work portrays Admira as a confident and transparent brand, not afraid to reveal what lies beyond the surface. At Admira, crafted work-inprogress and raw behind-the scene footages are beautiful experiences. Admira photography style portrays macro shot of unique details, close ups of environment and candid moments at work. The primary typeface for Admira is Gotham, a contemporary san serif typeface designed to look sharp, modern and technical. This typeface is desirable to portray Admira’s progression with time and towards modernity.


With Admira’s transition to an experiential-relational brand, its brand structure now focuses on all areas of its brand experience, from its products, services and showroom to its social outreach, events and collaborative efforts. It aims to blend Admira’s brand intangible and tangible assets into one wholesome brand experience.

“We were very satisfied with the amount of data collected, and with their analysis and recommendations, we identified how to create a unique brand position for our company. We have seen increased brand awareness and now have a strong differentiation factor from our competitors, our sales team have also been reporting positive feedback from customers.”

Jake Tan, Executive Director, Admira