Idea Dice: Tool Kit for Ideation and Design Thinking

Throughout our years of working with different organisations, we realised the one thing people get stuck at the most – coming up with a “solution.” To tackle this, we designed a creative tool, one aimed at non-designers. Developed by C-Academy, the educational arm of Creativeans, this tool is able to help you through the design thinking process as well as problem solving. The Idea Dice also acts as a form of engagement within the team, allowing for ideas to mingle.


How To Use The Idea Dice

Through the nine dices, you will find nine topics that are split into three categories. Each of these three categories comes with a set of three dices, featuring six icons each. The flexibility of the Idea Dice gives you the option of either following a template or interpreting the icons on your own.


Creativeans Idea Dice, Demographics

Demographics consists of users, occupations and society. These three categories can help you group people based on variables including age, race, gender, etc. By understanding the different groups of people in the market, you can identify your target audience and what solutions would suit them best.


Creativeans Idea Dice, Psychographics

Psychographics is made up of senses, emotions and Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. By grouping individuals based on personality types, values, interests, attitudes, this category helps you comprehend your audiences’ behaviours and how effective your solution would be on them psychologically.


Creativeans Idea Dice, Things

Things comprises of shapes, platforms and natural resources. This category refers to objects or situations. By putting several of these elements together, this can help paint a scenario which would allow you to centralise your idea or solution around a given context.





The idea dice can guide you through the design thinking process in a simple three step method. This is done by identifying your problem statements and target audience. By understanding these aspects, you can then create a value proposition statement tailored to the objectives of your organisation.


Creativeans Idea Dice Brainstorm






Creativeans Idea Dice, How to Unleash Your Creativity




Creativeans Idea Dice, Value Proposition Statement


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Creativeans_Idea Dice Product Specifications



One 65mm x 65mm x 30mm Cardboard Box | Nine 20mm x 20mm x 20mm Plastic Dices | One Printed Instructions Sheet

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