Delivering brand experiences through full stack branding and design services.

Brand Experiences That Matter

There’s a direct connection between a company’s brand and its success. A strong brand provides a significant competitive advantage that differentiates it from its competitors.

As brand builders, we combine strategic and creative thinking to offer an integrated and holistic approach to increase brand value. We help to audit and position your brand, express your brand identity and eventually, execute your brand touch points. In other words, the whole nine yards. We leave nothing to chance.

The success of a business’s brand goes hand in hand with continuous innovation. Through our interdisciplinary use of analytical tools and creative processes, we help businesses uncover and take advantage of untapped opportunities in the market and transform their business.

Products Designed In Singapore

We design products for mass production that stimulate and excite. As a Singapore industrial design and product design firm, we help businesses make a statement and a difference in people’s lives.

We transform your ideas and visions into profitable experiences that are customer-centric and design-driven. Through our team’s problem solving capabilities and product design process, we uncover what is important to your consumers, and identify innovative ways to bring out the best in the whole product or service experience.

We are great at developing different types of products for brands from consumer goods, furniture, F&B, industrial, lifestyle, retail, healthcare to hospitality. Combining the need for creativity and an in-depth understanding of functionality and pragmatism, we uncover what is important to your customers, and identify innovative ways to help businesses bring out the best experience.

Good Experience Means Better Business

We design UI/UX that are integrated and comprehensive, delivering both content and conversion opportunities for businesses. Our team’s user research and information architecture expertise help our clients uncover what is important to your customers, and identify innovative ways to bring out the best in the whole user experience.

With our experiences in branding and designing digital products from consumer goods, furniture, F&B, industrial, lifestyle, retail, healthcare to hospitality, our design studio combines creativity with an in-depth understanding of user experience and functionality to help businesses design experiences that people love.

First Impression Matters

Packaging is crucial in influencing consumer perception and buying decisions.

Our packaging design service helps you to advertise, entice and persuade. Be it the aesthetic or the functionalities, packaging is your customers’ first point of contact with the product, and hence plays a crucial role in shaping the product experience.

We design different types of packaging structures and labels across multiple industries, such as fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG), beauty, food and beverages, health and nutrition, industrial design, and consumer electronics. We ensure high visibility and structural integrity of your packaging, and add touches to your packaging that allow your products to stand out on the retail shelf.

Design Meaningful Conversations

Our communication design services provide creative solutions that combines art, design and technical skills to unify and integrate various brand communications and marketing channels into one consistent and coherent message.

We work with our clients to develop creative ideas and execute marketing campaigns that are in tandem with their brand and market objectives.

Be it graphic design across print and digital media, marketing collateral, advertisements, events, web design or social media, our award winning team of visual designers ensure that the execution is done with strong impact and in accordance to the formulated strategy rather than in isolation.

We've developed a business model that enables us to work with you on a diverse set of engagements.

Collaborative Engagement

We help businesses build brands through project-based and retainer collaborations. Through our interdisciplinary branding and design services, we ensure that the work we do can be effectively incubated and activated for our clients.

Strategic Partnership

Ground-up brand building and product design development with smaller and early stage companies, Creativeans develop true partnerships with entrepreneurs where cash fees are reduced and a royalty/equity arrangement is put in place.

Corporate Training

We design and conduct corporate training to equip organisations and in-house design studios with the knowledge and tools to grow their in-house creative strength. From our best creative minds, we teach our methodologies to the wider community.

Our Esteemed Clients