We deliver results across tailored approach and services.

Our Approach


By interdisciplinary, we mean we approach projects from the intersections of different disciplines and develop a solution for you that is unique and original. We are creatives trained in more than one area of creative disciplines, and thus our eyes look and our minds think beyond a single category.

The result?

Fresh perspectives and out-of-the-box ideas that solve complex problems through ways you’d never dream of!

Holistic Solutions

We call it our lock, stock and barrel solution. One solution to fuel your business growth, integrating branding, innovation, product & service design, packaging design to communication design. We believe that they are all inter- and intra-connected; one simply cannot be successful without the other.

At Creativeans, we are professionally and intellectually committed to offering integrated, unified branding and design solutions to our clients. From idea, concept development, design, testing to implementation, each vision is carefully articulated into an unique, robust brand without losing its original intent.

Fostering Creativity

We do not provide standard solutions nor do we settle for mediocre work; we foster true creativity in each and every piece of our work to ensure that our clients are presented with what they truly deserve.

We know what an outstanding work entails, and how to engage customers through creative means to enhance brand and business value.

Think Global, Act Local

All the world’s a stage. And on this global stage, we are the creators.

Creativeans exist beyond the shores of Singapore. Our presence is also felt in Jakarta and Milan, Europe, the design nexus of the world. We believe that being global allows cross-pollination of ideas, and the ability for us to look for solutions in a wider, international perspective.

Versatile Engagement

We’ve developed a business model that enables us to work with a wide variety of clients & partners on a diverse set of engagements. From collaborative engagements, strategic partnerships to creative incubation, we tailor our engagement models to fit the requirements and constraints of our partners.

Our Disciplines


Building Your Business Legacy

There’s a direct connection between a company’s brand and its success. A strong brand provides a significant competitive advantage that differentiates it from its competitors.

As brand builders, we combine strategic and creative thinking to offer an integrated and holistic approach to increase brand value. We help to audit and position your brand, express your brand identity and eventually, execute your brand touch points. In other words, the whole nine yards. We leave nothing to chance.

The success of a business’s brand goes hand in hand with continuous innovation. Through our interdisciplinary use of analytical tools and creative processes, we help businesses uncover and take advantage of untapped opportunities in the market and transform their business.

Product & UI/UX Design

Great Design Speaks For Itself

We design products and user experiences that stimulate and excite, as a Singapore industrial design and product design firm to help businesses make a statement and a difference in people’s lives.
We transform your ideas and visions into profitable experiences that are customer-centric and design-driven. Through our team’s interdisciplinary capabilities and insights, we uncover what is important to your consumers, and identify innovative ways to bring out the best in the whole product or service experience.
We are great at developing lifestyle products and UI/UX for brands from consumer goods, furniture, F&B, retail, healthcare to hospitality. Combining the need for creativity and an in-depth understanding of functionality and pragmatism, we uncover what is important to your customers, and identify innovative ways to help businesses bring out the best experience.

Packaging Design

First Impression Matters

Packaging is crucial in influencing consumer perception and buying decisions. Our packaging design service helps you to advertise, entice and persuade. Be it the aesthetic or the functionalities, packaging is your customers’ first point of contact with the product, and hence plays a crucial role in shaping the product experience.
We design packaging structures and labels across multiple industries, such as fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG), beauty, food and beverages, health and nutrition, and consumer electronics. We ensure high visibility and structural integrity of your packaging, and add touches to your packaging that allow your products to stand out on the retail shelf.

Communication Design

Making Conversations

Our Communication Design services aims at unifying and integrating the various brand communications and marketing channels into one consistent and coherent message.

Be it graphic design across print and digital media, marketing collateral, advertisements, events or promotions, we make sure that the execution is done with strong impact and in accordance to the formulated strategy rather than in isolation.