Service Design

Service Design

Enhance your customer experience.

Why Service Excellence Matters

There are three key trends that make service design crucial in today’s world – the economic trend towards value in services, the social trend of rising customer expectations and the technical trend of the rapid progress in technology that influences services.


Service design is a fundamental part of the value you deliver to your customers, it links up the engagements customers have with your business from your offerings, environment to digital interactions. By crystallising your customers’ expectations and creating service standards, it ensures service consistency and delight to drive customer retention and loyalty.

How We Do It

We combine our design thinking and creative capabilities to help businesses enhance their service levels and drive customer satisfaction. Through our interdisciplinary team, we uncover what is important to your customers, and identify innovative ways to bring out the best in the whole service experience.


We have a proven, tried-and-true method for designing services. We have successfully implemented our methodology with a large variety of clients in a broad range of industries, with processes broken down into key phases and tailored to achieve your business objectives.


Service Design Scopes

Service Audit

We conduct service audit to help you uncover customer insights and discover opportunities to improve the whole service experience

Service Design

We conceptualise big ideas and creative solutions that will bring service innovation and value to your customers.

Service Blueprint

We develop a service blueprint that provides guidance on how a service will be delivered across the different touch points and channels.

Service Roll Out

We work with you to ensure your services are rolled out successfully through long-term consultation and tailored staff training.

SPRING Singapore | Capability Development Grant (CDG)

Embarking on service design can be a challenge, but is an investment. Singapore-based companies can consider CDG that the government provides to help defray a portion of the costs. We are a SPRING certified consultant and will be happy to assist you with the procedures.


Visit SPRING for more information.

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