The Missing Dining Table

About This Project


The Missing Dining Table Collection explores the way we dine today and serves as an inspiration for possible alternative dining conventions for the future. Through a unique blend of design, techniques and materials, the collection seeks to relook, reinvent and inspire new possibilities of dining.

As we take an adventurous trip down the proverbial rabbit hole and venture into the unknown dining future, we do so without the intention of dictating the future but rather to stretch our imagination as we question the very act of dining and offer alternatives and possibilities. Through the collection we attempt to provoke, think ahead and create conversations. Would you miss the dining table when it is not around?




Botanica is a set of disposable cutlery that takes shape as decorative plants and corals, with leaves that can be plucked off to use as fork and spoons. As disposables, Botanica adds the important dimension of elegance and fun in a dining setting, complementing the dining experience rather than degrading it. It also serves as a poetic reminder that the meal has come to an end when all the leaves are plucked.




Solaris is a lamp that warms up your food at your desk while you work. In addition, tilting Solaris at its side turns it into a heater that keeps you warm during the cold seasons.





Venus is a versatile plate that comes with dual side usage, designed to complete your dining experience. One side serves finger food and sweets while the other side holds pasta or soup. Venus has an ergonomic profile that is comfortable to hold and can be easily carried on the move. It is also stackable for easy storage and compactness.




Ideal for dining al fresco, such as a picnic in the park, Wago offers an uninterrupted food experience that takes you from grocery shopping, food preparation to dining. Doubling as a food preparation and dining table, all you need is good food and some fine company.


Food & Beverage, Furniture, Household Goods, Product Design