Musicians Guild of Singapore

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Musicians Guild Branding


Musicians Guild of Singapore logo expresses the unity and bond among musicians brought together by the guild.
“U” represents an assimilation of positive meanings from you (the musicians), unity, unison to universality.
It depicts individual musicians holding hands, to support one another and thus strengthening the music industry. The line over the guild workmark symbolises the guild as a starting point for a musician’s livelihood and it forms into “U” to reflect its purpose for members. The use of clean and controlled strokes adds a dimension of modernism and structure, an identity that will relate to Singapore’s metropolitan society. The use of analogous colours express harmony and growing strength of the guild while complimentary colours express diversity and vibrancy. The logo symbol can be applied creatively to various touch points as a graphical element. This creates strong brand retention with the public, allowing them to recognise and remember the guild easily.
















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