Packaging Design


There, we’ve said it again. Packaging design is crucial in influencing consumer perception and buying decisions. Be it the aesthetic or the functionalities, packaging is your customers’ first point of contact with the product, and hence plays a crucial role in shaping your unique product experience.

Your product packaging is a physical manifestation of your brand that will communicate the qualities of your product. A well-designed packaging differentiates from your competitors and has a strong shelf impact.

Your packaging is your last and best chance to make a sale.


Packaging Design Service

Our packaging design services help you to advertise, entice and persuade. We design different types of packaging structures and labels across multiple industries, such as fast-moving consumer goods, beauty, food and beverages, health and nutrition, industrial design, and consumer electronics.


As an experienced packaging design company in Singapore, we ensure high visibility and structural integrity of your packaging, and create experiences around your packaging that allow your products to stand out on the retail shelf and become brands your customers will love.



“Top Twelve Packaging Design Company In Singapore”

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Branding can be a challenge, but is an investment. Singapore-based companies can consider Enterprise Development Grant (EDG) that the government provides to defray up to 90* of the branding cost. Creativeans is an Enterprise Singapore certified consultant and will be happy to assist you with the procedures.

*As announced at Supplementary Budget 2020

Enterprise Development Grant (EDG)