SaloneSatellite 2012

Treasures of the Little Red Dot

Singapore Design

Treasures of the Little Red Dot was launched to create awareness of Singapore design and facilitate positive exchanges between the international audience and Singaporean designers. As part of an ongoing effort to sustain local industries, we worked with local craftsmen and manufacturers over a period of 6 months to develop prototypes and the eventual products. The resulting collection tantalised visitors with unique furniture and object designs inspired by Singapore’s culture and its immediate realities. We gave our own interpretation of Singapore design and shared the story behind each creation with an international audience.

"Being a Singaporean designer, the process of rediscovering your own backyard for design inspirations has been exceedingly meaningful and we are excited to share the results with our visitors."

Kimming Yap, Managing Director of Creativeans



A food cover is a typical household item in Singaporean homes. Pod exploits the singularity of an ordinary food cover into a multi-functional object, in which a simple crease folds it into a serving tray and dining mat.



The four main breakfast dishes that fill the stomachs of Singaporeans are illustrated through the modular use of the bowl+plate design. The different configurations dictate the needs of the different dishes.



Terra is a collection of desk accessories inspired by the alteration of man-made landscapes. Made from aluminium, the collection includes a cable organizer, USB dock and pen tray. The objects act individually yet interdependently, creating new typologies through different combinations.



Addressing the trend of compact living in Singapore, Oblique allows users to have their breakfast in bed by transforming the side table into a bed tray. The considered folds provide 3 tray surfaces for various needs.



Omma table lamp offers a new take on Asian’s traditional aviaries. Taking reference from owners’ need to flip the cover and peek into their birdcage, Omma allows users to change the angle of light for different tasks on the table.



Intergen is a series of night lamps addressing the various needs of the child, the parents and their grandparents, all living under one roof, which is a typical living arrangement in Singapore.

"Winning international awards such as the winner of the Sound Innovation Award in 2009 and the Salone Satellite Award in 2011, Creativeans is moving closer toward its goal of establishing Singapore as an emerging creative hotbed, encouraging exchanges between international consumers and Singaporean designers."

Surface Asia Magazine