Materealise: Glass

Redesigning Glass

Glass is all around us, but do we actually know its origins, the full potential of this material, and how it can help in bringing about a greener tomorrow? Could it be an alternative material for something we have yet to discover? Materealise: Glass is a collection of glass objects and exhibition designed and curated by Creativeans in collaboration with artisan glass maker Synergraphic Design. Through the objects and exhibition, we bring the audiences into the world of glass and its intricacies.

Ideation Workshop

At the onset of the project, we ran an ideation workshop to translate our ideas into quick tangible forms, to encourage interaction and gather constructive feedback to shape the outcomes. The Creative Matrix technique is applied to allow a volume of ideas to be generated in a short amount of time by stimulating cross-pollination of ideas.



Aurelia is a glass tray inspired by the Aurelia Aurita, also commonly known as the Moon Jellyfish. Organic and fluid, the glass tray floats gently and discreetly on the table top. When dark falls, Aurelia transforms into a stunning light display as it glows into a fluorescent blue.



Bloom is a series of clear glass coasters that transforms itself into a colourful orchid. Bloom changes how it looks when placed on different surfaces, displaying its true self to you in an intimate way.



Stella is a set of stationery holders that are precisely cut into fluid forms. The glass top textures are designed to hold writing instruments, clips and pins, and serve as a surface for writing memos. Stella comes in luminous colours that changes when viewed from different angles.


Out of This World

Discover worlds out of this world through this series of paper weights. The paper weight appears invisible from the sides and reveals itself when viewed from the top. The illustrations become magnified and illuminated through the unique properties of glass.



Modus is a table top stationery kit that offers limitless customisable possibilities. Set in a minimalist wood tray, mix and match different glass textures, colours and finishes to complete your own Modus.



Breathe life in your living space with Confetti air plant holders. Softly formed with vivid translucent colours, Confetti add a modern and natural touch to our living spaces.

"Creativeans was absolutely wonderful to work with. They were able to grasp it (glass) very quickly and were able to come out with novel designs that pushed the boundaries and yet remain commercially viable."

Sara Ang, Director, Synergraphic Design