Singapore Design Week 2019

Creativity Festival

Scope of Work

Brand, Creativity, Design

In conjunction with Singapore Design Week 2019, we launched Creativity Festival, an annual symposium where you can learn about Branding, Creativity and Design from subject matter experts and an interactive workshop all in a day. Organised by the DesignSingapore Council, Singapore Design Week brings together a collection of local and international design activities in Singapore.

Panel on Branding & Design

Moderated by Sharina Khan, the panel discussion for the Branding Track discussed how to generate ideas and create alternatives in solving problems, and turning new and imaginative ideas into reality. The panel discussion for Design Track touched on the speakers' approaches to design across strategy, service and products, and how they use design to impact organisations and people.


Do you know the difference between branding and marketing? Is your business commanding premium brand value? Facilitated by Yulia Saksen, co-author of branding book Are You Brand Dead?, she conducted a hands-on Branding workshop where she unravelled the mystery of branding through practical examples and interactive activities, and introduced methodologies that the participants can apply to build a strong brand for their businesses.

"The best takeaway for me for any event is the learning part. There's an opportunity to hear feedback and debate about stuff. I think that's the biggest takeaway. The relationships that come after as well is the bonus."

Sean Loke, Brand Strategist & Business Developer, Kingfisher Recruitment Group